Minimum Call Procedure

A minimum call procedure is carried out at every service visit. This ensures that not only is copy/print quality checked but the machine is cleaned and all high mortality parts are checked and replaced as necessary, thus ensuring reliability and consistent high performance.

Service Response

95% uptime - we will ensure that any new device will be up and running on average at least 95% of the time.

90% first time fix - our engineers will carry the right parts to enable them to fix your machine on their first visit 9 times out of 10 over the period of your contract.

Flexible Copy and Print Volumes

No machine will be contracted for a copy/print volume and term that will exceed the design life recommended for that product by the manufacturer.

Should your needs change, Print Sense will recognise the need for flexibility by:

Adjusting volumes and renegotiating prices accordingly for the balance of the period to reflect more closely your requirements.

Tel: 01536 422922

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